You can help

A new book by Philip Wolfe

The Solar Generation

Childhood and adolescence of terrestrial photovoltaics

How you can contribute to the book

Do you know about the first quarter century of the terrestrial photovoltaics industry? Were you involved?

The author would like all the help he can get:

Photos and images

Any photographs of solar installations before 2000

Photographs of people on this page, especially dated between 1973 and 1999

Pictures from PV conferences in that era.

Contact details

Can you put me in touch with any people shown in red on this page?

Are there other people who should be added (or removed)?


Do you have historical information about the companies and organisations listed on this page?


Let's make this record as objective as possible and make sure none of the true pioneers, inno-vators or achievements get forgotten.


Check out the people and organisations, which the book must cover. Send me photos, old solar items and suggestions.

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