Solar pioneers

A new book by Philip Wolfe

The Solar Generation

Childhood and adolescence of terrestrial photovoltaics

Pioneers to be covered in the book

Here is a list of people who, in my opinion, helped shape the early development of the terrestrial photovoltaics industry. There are a number of others where I can’t decide whether they make it onto the Who’s Who. If you spot major omissions, or have other ideas, please do contact me and give me your views.

Those shown in blue are sadly no longer with us. Those in red, I have been unable to contact. If you have any contact details for people shown in red above, please let me know.

I am speaking to as many of the early pioneers, and other experts as possible (see on the right).


My thanks to those I have already talked to, shown in green on the left, and:

James Watson

Michael Schmela

Bruce Cross

Jeremy Leggett

Earle Kazis

Keith Emery

Raju Yenamandra

Sara Yerkes

Paula Mints

Ibrahim Samak

Godfrey Bevan

Anthony Derrick

Heather Harper


I'm still hoping to catch up with those in black (and those in red, if I can find them) by phone or Skype.


The criteria for selecting the pioneers for the list on the left are described here.

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